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4 Pics 1 Song Answers Level 3

4 Pics 1 Song answers, cheats, and solutions for level 3 of the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Beat all levels with this 4 Pics 1 Song walkthrough! If you need extra help finding the answer to a 4 Pics 1 Song level, post your question in this 4 Pics 1 Song chat!

  • Bill Schmidt

    Hi from a newbie! Help for a friend, please? I’m quite stuck on this one!

    Thanks much in advance!

    • Rebecca L Majollo

      I don’t know this either and I have been searching for a while.

      • Bill Schmidt

        The answer is “single ladies”, Rebecca (:

        • Rebecca L Majollo

          Thank you so much Bill! I had no idea. :-)

          • http://justsurviving.simplesite.com/396096818 Jen

            $1 dollar bills are called “singles” – or one is called a “single.” Then “Ladies” are sitting together on the beach.

    • Keli

      Single ladies

  • Lumann Halim

    Help Me With The Last one

  • Trisha Youngman

    I’m stuck. I’ve got a silhouetted head with a brain, a brunette woman seeming to be lost in thought, a blonde woman thinking, and a man chasing after a laptop.

    • Trisha Youngman

      Nevermind. I figured it out.

      • Katie

        what is the answer?

        • http://justsurviving.simplesite.com/396096818 Jen

          Seriously! I can’t get this one, and I accidentally kept hitting things on my own laptop and lost points. I’m stuck on this one!

          • imbeautifulme7


  • princess ella

    please help me im stuck!

    it has a lady with a hat at ship and a bicycle with fruits and vegetable and the ship looks like

    it start with c and it is six letters

    • Katie


  • gemani abrams

    i am stuck on 2 ladies with finger on there lips and 2 moons please help me

    • Jodie Manchester

      Starts with ‘Si’. That’s all I know

      • Jodie Manchester

        Never mind, I got it

  • gemani abrams

    need help

  • U don’t know me

    I’m stuck here

  • Lorraine Hamilton

    4 “scary” figures?

    • Angela Smith

      the Monster

  • Haily Byrne

    2 pictures of a woman saying hush and a moon