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4 Pics 1 Song Answers Level 2

4 Pics 1 Song answers, cheats, and solutions for level 2 of the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Beat all levels with this 4 Pics 1 Song walkthrough!

  • Taylor

    A pic of cheese and three pics of golden goblets

    • mr s

      Holy grail :)

      • Lumann Halim

        Hah Ty Ty TY

  • emmie

    I can’t do it either

  • princess krystal

    a pic of three little fox and girl waiting for train

    • Trisha Youngman

      The Fox

    • ally shepard

      the fox

  • Speed Plo

    a picture of a combination lock, the picture on the lock, a speaker, and a mute button

    • ally shepard

      safe and sound

      • Speed Plo


    • mamanugget

      A picture of what look likes frozen water on a creek, a leaf, frozen grapes in a wine glass

  • ally shepard

    a picture of a power line and of a ruler on the bottom and the top is people rushing with a person on the ems board and a persons shadow kinda

    • Speed Plo

      blurred lines

  • Crystal

    A pic of a newborn baby, a bee, a tiger, and the peace sign with hands.

  • Curtis Hudd

    Speaker and some other stuff (don’t know what) and begins with and ‘S’

    • Speed Plo

      Safe and sound

    • Liam

      Safe and sound

  • Brittany Lynn Fleiger


    • Hazel Reilly

      the fox

    • Claire Tejada

      The fox

  • alexis

    some people walking and rulers

    • Katie

      blurred lines

  • chelsea

    pls help me a armor, people donating, pile of box and night with moon

  • Maddison

    2 pics of a moon and 2 pics of a train

    • Ngo Khauv

      Night Train

  • Heather Marie

    What is this? Help?

  • hannah

    A group of doctors,a girl in distress,and a construction worker.

    It has two words the first letternof the 2nd word is W

    • marco

      Work work

  • hailey

    a picture of foxes

  • Claire Tejada

    A picture of playing flutes

  • Lorraine Hamilton

    brides and a wedding ring?

    • Lorraine Hamilton

      Ahh…got it, ok!

  • RhaiPadilla

    bride,newly wed and a wedding ring

    • Amber Barnes

      White Wedding

  • veronica

    A pic with a dog and three stadiums and lights

  • veronica

    Help it is a picture with a dog and three stadiums

  • Thing1

    It’s a pic of a dog and three stages with lights

  • brendan

    Help plss :)

    • Leandra Tice


  • rodessa morales

    who’s up? can ya help me out?? i got pics here, uhm, a newly wed. a bride and a ring

  • Нели Иванова

    A pic of a little girl,a road sign with questions and students raising their hand in class?

  • brycen

    a pic of power lines with sun setting behind it and people walking and waiting in line!!!!!

  • Leandra Tice


    • Liah Flores

      paper planes