4 Pics 1 Song Answers / 4 Pics 1 Song Levels

4 Pics 1 Song Answers Level 1

4 Pics 1 Song answers, cheats, and solutions for level 1 of the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Beat all levels with this 4 Pics 1 Song walkthrough!

4 pics 1 song answers level         Call Me Maybe 4 pics 1 song answers level         Free Bird 4 pics 1 song answers level         Bubbly
  • A blonde girl using her hand as a phone
  • A brunette lady in a black shirt
  • A man and woman looking at their phones
  • A girl shrugging
  • A person with arms open wide in chains
  • A red robin
  • A bird cage
  • Birds flying in the sky
  • Two glasses of champagne
  • Soda and bubble fizz
  • Two glasses of rose
  • Clear bubbles
4 pics 1 song answers level         Turn the Page 4 pics 1 song answers level         Dust in the Wind 4 pics 1 song answers level         Killer Queen
  • A yellow right turn road sign
  • A hand turning the page of a book
  • A book on the table
  • An open faced book with eye glasses
  • A dusty dirt field
  • A duster
  • White wind mills
  • Palm trees in the wind
  • A humpbacked whale or a black and white whale
  • A woman holding a knife
  • A cartoon character of a Queen
  • Bumble bees
4 pics 1 song answers level         Scream &  Shout 4 pics 1 song answers level         Spotlight 4 pics 1 song answers level         Shots
  • A mouth opened wide
  • A little girl crying
  • A woman speaking into a megaphone
  • A group of people shouting
  • A directors chair on a stage
  • Red stage curtains and strobe lights
  • A cartoon girl in purple lights
  • A cartoon character on stage
  • Two shots of tequila with limes
  • A margarita with lime and salt
  • Guys at a bar
  • A purple beverage with lemons

4 pics 1 song answers level         Chasing the Sun 4 pics 1 song answers level         Hall of Fame 4 pics 1 song answers level         Red Solo Cup
  • A man and boy running on the beach
  • A dog chasing a robot
  • A hand reaching towards the sun
  • A yellow sun
  • The hallway of a hotel
  • The red carpet with yellow stars
  • A female celebrity in front of the cameras
  • A gold figure touching a Hollywood star
  • A red box
  • A red plastic cup
  • A man playing the electric guitar
  • A man drinking out of a red cup
4 pics 1 song answers level         Hurt 4 pics 1 song answers level         Beat It 4 pics 1 song answers level         Born to be Wild
  • Back pain
  • A child crying
  • A bandaged hand
  • Needles
  • A whisk
  • A heart monitor
  • A black figure dancing
  • A person shuffling and dancing
  • A baby on a motorcycle
  • The face of a tiger
  • A baby lifted up
  • A wolf howling in the moon

  • Hannah Parrin

    1 pic of money in 2 jars,pile of clothes,2 females holding shopping bags,someone looking through clothes. whats the awnser?

    • phil

      thrift shop

      • Amy

        Kids jumping globe

        • mary

          jump around

  • tabletaz

    Most of these are wrong

    • GRACEY

      i agree

  • illana

    i need help!! got one that has a crown a queen some card and 3 kids running with crowns on

    • alize


  • molly

    pink hair, a boat, stars, and another boat in water. whats the answer?

    • GRACEY

      cotten eye jo

  • laelhuelva

    i have a 4 picture that i dont know tha pic is i think people talking or something and a ambulance and a wire and
    on the top have sun and the last pic is a rulers

    • GRACEY


    • Samuel Farahat

      blurred lines


    o.m.g these aren’t right

    • GRACEY

      they arent


    I need help i am stuck on the one that has 2 cards and poker in the background. a lady holding cards (2 aces) photos of people and photos of baby’s please please please please help m!!!!!!! my mum said if i get it i get 100 dollars who ever helps me will get half hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeellllllllppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jorik K.

      poker face, keep the money ;)


    this suxs

  • Gateway Cubao

    help…. 2 sets of cards,soldiers wearing red, king &
    queen cats

  • princess ella

    please help me! im stuck it like something is rolling and a girl and boy with a shopping cart and electric tower and a measure

  • Arlie Rudnik

    money,lady holding a cup of tea,lades in bikinis and ladybugs? whats the answer?

  • april

    ok I need help I have one that has 3 bathrooms and a woman brushing her hiar

  • deb

    1 pic money,coffee cup,3 women on the beach.and a ladybug